All our products are made in Finland from natural and high-quality materials. When selecting the materials, their excellent properties, have been carefully considered. 


    Our merino wool products are made from 100% mulesign free merino wool. Merino wool is European, responsibly produced and of wonderful quality.


    Merino wool is naturally thermoregulating. It keeps you cool when it's warm and warm when it's cool. So it supports the child's developing thermoregulatory ability, ensuring that the child feels comfortable. These properties make our products an excellent choice for children's sensitive skin.


Merino wool is the best choice for babies and children. Merino wool is as soft as it can be. In product design, we pay attention to practicality in addition to a beautiful appearance. Our product has been created to make everyday life easier, as well as to be a beautiful part of the home interior.

Create a touch of luxury in everyday life with high-quality natural materials.


Poistotuotteet sekä alennetut tuotteet. Kaikki nämä heti valmiina varastossa ja näitä on vain rajattu määrä!