Halivia's values

 Halivia - Brand

Halivia is a brand for people who are looking for the best possible products made from natural materials for their children. For people who appreciate a little luxury in the middle of everyday life. People fall in love with Halivia's products at first touch.


Halivia - Name

Halivia's name comes from our biggest possible inspiration, our own children. The name is made up of our children's names, which form a name that perfectly describes Halivia's products: Halivia. The name also includes the word "hali", which means "hug" in Finnish. It tells about the softness of the products and how they feel to the child. It feels like you are in a constant warm hug.


Halivia - Standards

Halivia manufactures high-quality products from high-quality natural materials. Both of us founders are mothers of small children, so all products must meet the requirements we would set for products used by our own children. Each product is made with love and care by us or our carefully selected partners.


Halivia - Values

The founders of Halivia, Reetta and Irina, have been friends since childhood. A long-lasting friendship is also partly thanks to a shared value base. That's why Halivia's three most important values are

- Naturalness; We choose and strive to make products from organic materials, we respect nature and, for example, we use mulesing-free wool and Finnish linen

- Courage; We are brave and do crazy things! We throw ourselves into ideas and concretize how we can achieve them.

- Doing together; We throw ourselves together and achieve things together! Decisions are made together, and we grow together.


Halivia - Vision

Halivia's vision is to grow into a recognizable brand in the Finnish market, primarily known for its quality, naturalness and usability.


Halivia - Mission

Halivia's main mission is to produce high-quality and beautiful products that make everyday life easier with their great features.