Why prefer merino wool in baby products?

Merino wool is called nature's own super material. It has gained wide popularity among different user groups, for example hikers and athletes often prefer merino wool in their clothing.

Merino wool is also an excellent option for babies and children. It's features are so superior that it is difficult to find better materials. Here are some of the top features of merino wool

  • It warms you when it's cold and feels cool when it's hot, so its excellent heat regulation ability works in summer and winter. This feature is also absolutely essential with babies. The newborn's ability to regulate temperature is just beginning to develop and the baby is slowly getting used to temperature changes. For this reason, merino wool as a material, for example in a sleeping nest, helps the baby stay at a constant temperature and thus also sleep better.
  • It is soft and warm, and feels pleasant even when wet. So it works well even on a hot and humid summer day. The pleasant softness of merino wool is a good choice for baby's sensitive skin. It also doesn't itch or feel rough like wool might normally be.
  • Airing is enough for merino wool. It is therefore an environmentally friendly choice, because its maintenance does not require detergents, water washing or electricity. Merino wool also does not release microplastics into the environment.
  • Merino wool is biodegradable.
  • Antibacterial, so it is a bad breeding ground for microbes.
  • A fire-safe option, for example as a blanket for the car. Merino wool is more fire-resistant than synthetic fibers. Its ignition point is over 500 °C and it does not melt like synthetic fiber. For comparison, the ignition point of cotton is well over 200°C and the melting point of polyester is approx. 250°C.

Merino wool is therefore definitely a top choice for children's and babies' products. Only high-quality materials are used in Halivia's products, European mulesing-free merino wool is used in merino wool products.

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