Can a merino wool baby nest be good in summer?

Many of us associate merino wool with winter and how well it warms. Merino wool is an excellent choice for winter, but also for summer.

Every parent has surely struggled with dressing their baby at some point during their baby years. In winter, we wonder how to know that the baby is cold? In the summer, we think again about what to wear for the baby? These questions are valid and important, because a baby's and especially a newborn's ability to regulate temperature is still developing. With the right kind of clothes and products, this temperature regulation can be supported and make it easier, for example, for a baby's sleep.

Merino wool is perfect for supporting the baby's ability to regulate temperature. It evens out temperature differences and efficiently transfers moisture away from the skin. Merino wool is a breathable and soft alternative for a baby, a perfect place to sleep, for example in the form of a baby nest. The baby nestis also a good addition to the pram, for example, with the edges turned down, this way, even when sleeping in the pram, the baby is comfortable, and the sleep is not interrupted by feeling cramped.

Studies have also been conducted on the benefits of merino wool for babies and children. Cambridge Maternity Hospital conducted a study as early as 1979 (Scott&Richards) that babies whose sleep was supported by merino wool calmed down faster, cried less, ate and grew better.

The merino wool sleeping nest is a portable resting place

Haliv's merino wool baby nest are a great choice all year round, including summer! We recommend protecting the baby nest with a thin gauze, so that you can get the most out of the nest!


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