Care instructions

You can enjoy merino wool for a long time if you take care of it properly.

  • Shake to remove dust, debris and animal hair
  • By shaking, you can also get any stretched loops to settle into place
  • You can remove the fluff by twisting and pulling it in the direction of the wool
  • You should stroke the knit from time to time with your hand in the direction of the thread
  • Merino wool itself is antibacterial, so it does not bind odors
  • Therefore, airing the product and, if necessary, wiping are sufficient for maintenance
  • However, if the product gets a bigger stain, it can be rinsed with running cold water if necessary, squeezed dry
  • Leave to dry on a flat surface, turning a few times during drying

    NOTE! We recommend leaving washings that are more effective than rinsing to the professionals