Our story

Halivia - Where did it all start?

Halivia started when, after the birth of Reetta's first child, she got tired of wondering if the child was hot or cold in the pram. Reetta complained to Irina how annoying it is when the baby wakes up in the middle of sleep in a sweat, and I wish there were products available that could make this beginning of motherhood easier. This gave us the idea together to develop products from natural materials that, in terms of their properties, are the best possible for children, but also for parents, for whom everything is new and confusing. Based on shared ideas, Irina conjured up wonderful test products of a merino wool baby nest and sleepingl bag, which both of our own children got to test.


Both of us felt a strong feeling that these products would be useful for other parents in the midst of their new everyday life. This is how Halivia was born.