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Instructions and materials for the PILVI sleeping bag

Instructions and materials for the PILVI sleeping bag

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This set includes pictorial instructions for the PILVI sleeping bag, leather straps and the required amount of merino wool yarn in the desired color.

The dimensions of the thermal bag are approximately 40x80cm

The amount of yarn is about 1.5 kg.

2 pcs of leather straps, black or brown.

Note! Instructions are in Finnish

Additional information

  • Material 100% mulesing-free European merino wool, leather parts 100% leather
  • Merino wool as a material is antibacterial, breathable and soft, so a perfect choice for a baby.
  • The surface of the pre-spun merino wool is not twisted as in yarns. Because of this, fluff may come off the surface, especially at the beginning of use, this is a property of the material.

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