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ONNI sleeping nest

ONNI sleeping nest

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A luxurious merino wool sleep nest is the perfect resting place for your baby. In addition to its stylish and descriptive appearance, the sleeping nest is also practical. It works excellently as a place for naps, a play mat, a pram shelter and a shooting prop. Merino wool as a material is great for baby's sensitive skin. Babies' own thermoregulation is not yet used to life outside the womb, so merino wool's excellent thermoregulation ability always guarantees a suitable temperature for sleeping.

Size: inner dimension 30x70cm (Note! Dimensions may vary due to the nature of the craft)

Additional information:

  • Material 100% mulesing-free European merino wool
  • Merino wool as a material is antibacterial, breathable and soft, so a perfect choice for a baby.
  • The surface of the pre-spun merino wool is not twisted as in yarns. Because of this, an odor may come off the surface, especially at the beginning of use, this is a property of the material.
  • We recommend protecting the sleeping nest with a thin gauze or sheet

Care instructions: Remove dust, debris and animal hair by shaking. Merino wool is antibacterial and therefore does not absorb odors, so all you need to maintain is airing and, if necessary, wiping. We do not recommend washing at home.

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